Welcome to the

Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre

The Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre Management Association NPC is a non-profit organisation established by Tongaat Hulett Developments (Pty) Ltd [the primary developer] in 2001. All property owners are obliged to become members and are bound by the Memorandum of Incorporation and the rules and regulations (which are modified from time to time) with a view to maintaining the high standards expected of a modern and sought after precinct of excellence.

The philosophy of the Association is one of value creation and protection for owners and their tenants by providing a well maintained precinct of excellence in a secure environment where people can work, live, shop and play.

The core functions of the Association are to:

  • Control development ensuring that it is legally and aesthetically acceptable;
  • Protect and enhance the interests of its members; 
  • Provide and maintain essential services; 
  • Manage the built and natural environment of the town centre.

Your Association continues to seek possible ways to enhance members’ value and quality of urban living in the precinct and welcomes input from members.


About Us
The vibrant Town Centre brings residential, commercial, retail, medical, educational and leisure elements together to create a holistic, mixed-use environment that offers a multitude of shopping, entertainment and accommodation options.

The Town Centre is designed as a safe, convenient and pleasant environment for businesses and people. Built on a planned grid, it is connected by a series of pedestrian-friendly roads, parks and public spaces which are laid out to facilitate on-street parking and the easy flow of traffic.

The development is planned on a human scale with a vibrant, active mix of uses. 


What We Do
The Association manages the public environment's centralised services like security, landscape and irrigation, cleaning and litter control, public lighting and others.
The direct services of the Association are focused on providing a well maintained and secure precinct. The bigger and underlying purpose of the Association is to play a central role in creating and capacitating an effective community. To achieve its purpose, the Association, under direction of the Board provides a management structure and contracts with service providers in respect of security, landscaping, maintenance, design review [including signage] and administration. The Association collects levies from members to pay these service providers in respect of the operational requirements of the Town Centre.
The Association does not manage the individual buildings within the office estate.   
As members of the Association, property owners are bound by the Rules of Association with regards inter alia construction procedures, signage and behaviour.


Useful Documents
Useful documents available for download